About Us

Yerevan Aerospace Engineering is a young company specializing in the development of control systems primarily for the aerospace industry. The core of our bureau consists of specialists who have received education in aerospace universities, which has determined our main direction of expertise.

The necessity to possess in-depth knowledge of the objects we manage drives us to continuously enhance the qualifications of our engineers in various fields. As a result, we have established a powerful interdisciplinary design bureau.As a result, we have established a powerful interdisciplinary design bureau.

Our engineers have experience working with leading software programs widely used in the field of development and design: C++, Matlab, ANSYS, Unreal engine, ICFD++, LabVIEW, VHDL, Altium, Solidworks.

Armenian aerospace history overview

Armenia, a country with ancient and rich history, is renowned not only for its cultural heritage but also for its significant contributions to modern science and technology. In the aerospace industry, Armenian engineers have made remarkable achievements, contributing to progress and innovation. Their hard work and efforts in various fields of this industry deserve special attention.

The Armenian aerospace industry has its roots in the Soviet Union, when Armenia played a significant role in the development and production of space systems. In 1946, the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Armenian SSR Academy of Sciences was established in the city of Yerevan. This institute conducted research and development of radio-electronic systems for the space industry.

During the Soviet era, several enterprises specializing in the production of components for the rocket and space industry were established in Armenia. One such enterprise was the Microelectronics Plant in the city of Gherghevan, which manufactured semiconductor devices for space and other purposes. In the 1960s, Armenian engineer Albert Gasparyan was part of the team that developed the first Soviet artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik-1. This milestone achievement opened the doors to the space age and served as a starting point for space exploration.

Armenian engineers and scientists continue to contribute to the development of satellite technologies. In 2015, Armenia introduced its first small communication satellite named “Comitas”. This achievement allowed for the provision of communication and television services to users in the region.

In 2018, the Armenian satellite “Armenia-1” was launched into orbit using the Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX. This satellite is designed for Earth observation from space and serves scientific and commercial purposes.

Overall, the Armenian aerospace industry represents a small but promising sector of the country’s economy. It has the potential for further growth and attracting investments, which would contribute to the development of new technologies and innovative solutions in the field of aerospace science and industry.